Meet Roger, Our QuiChoice Home Inspector

Roger Kitzmiller has been with QuiGig since November 2019, but his business, A&T Home Inspections Inc., has been around longer.

Like many business owners, Kitzmiller takes joy in his work. As a home inspector, he sees a variety of houses, meets new people, and helps them discover the perfect home. A family man, he started home inspecting as a way to spend more time with his wife and children–when he’s not swamped with work, that is. 

Kitzmiller looks forward to work each day and thinks of every client as a success story. He advises clients to speak with their realtor about what they can push back on to help with the purchase. 

He always tells them that it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to high-dollar items within a home. “If the foundation is off by more than an inch, I tell them to get it re-evaluated by a professional,” Kitzmiller says.

Starting a new business is never easy, Kitzmiller learned. With some help from his wife and a loan, he was able to keep the business afloat. He knows how financially tough running a business can be, and he’s even more acquainted with the struggle of getting your name out there.

But things took a turn for the better when he partnered up with QuiGig last fall.

With the hope of gaining more business all over Texas, Kitzmiller saw the opportunity QuiGig’s QuiGrow had to offer and took it. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic slowing down his business, Kitzmiller has continued to acquire jobs thanks to QuiGig.

“I am starting to feel better now that my phone is ringing,” Kitzmiller says. “I can see the progress.”

Ready to see what progress your company can make by partnering with QuiGig? Learn more about the benefits of QuiGrow and how we can help you grow and promote your business.

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