Meet Roger, Our QuiChoice Home Inspector

Roger Kitzmiller has been with QuiGig since November 2019, but his business, A&T Home Inspections Inc., has been around longer. Like many business owners, Kitzmiller takes joy in his work. As a home inspector, he sees a variety of houses, meets new people, and helps them discover the perfect home. A family man, he started […]

Want To Be Your Own Boss And Work Remotely Every Day? Of Course, So Here’s How

Ask a baby boomer what “working from home” means and you’re bound to get an inquisitive stare. That’s because the term was essentially non-existent up until recent years and those who are about to retire missed out on something groundbreaking. “Remote” work, as it’s also called in professional circles, is something that has been shown

Rewarding Profession AND $19 An Hour? It’s Time To Tune Into Your Freelance Skills

Moonlighting as a freelancer was once a way to make some money on the side. Sure, you’d have to sacrifice free time outside of your primary place of work, but it was nice to have that additional income. That is no longer the case. Nearly 58 million Americans — out of our total workforce of […]

How to Register your Bank Account on QuiGig October 19, 2018

How to Register your Bank Account on QuiGig

Recently, we added the ability for on-site payment, making the entire process of buying and selling services even quicker and easier. You can now link your bank account with QuiGig through your profile.

How to Check your Notifications on QuiGig October 19, 2018

How to Check your Notifications on QuiGig

There are not many times that you will be notified on the QuiGig platform, but each one is important to getting that job or quickly hiring the right freelancer. Since our system prioritizes quickness, we suggest that you make sure to quickly check each notification and respond to it in a timely manner.

QuiGig’s Love Affair with Houston February 3, 2018

QuiGig’s Love Affair with Houston

On the outside, Houston looks like a bloated and sprawling southern-fried town being propped up by petrol and NASA and being run on fast food. For the people that live here (including me), this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The most famous mural in the city that is covered with them reads “Houston is […]