Brand New! Save Money and get Extra Features with the QuiGig Subscription Plans December 14, 2018

Brand New! Save Money and get Extra Features with the QuiGig Subscription Plans

At QuiGig, we are working out to improve people’s lives with our solution to the problems in the gig economy – and that solution needs two things: innovative features and personal support. That’s why we’re announcing the launch of the first iteration of the QuiGig Subscription Plans: a subscription where users pay upfront each month to unlock extra features, gain additional Quigs, and avoid high transaction fees on the platform. Starting today, all users – domestic and international – can subscribe to the plan.

We have two types of paid plans: Premium and Platinum.

With the Premium Plan, you can add 3 cities and 5 services to your professional profile, a 25% discount on a drug screening 1,000 Quigs per month and more, all for $1 for the first month.

With our Platinum Plan, you can add 7 cities and up to 15 services on to your professional profile, a bonus of 4975 Quigs,  a huge 50% discount on drug screening, free profile verification.

High transaction fees are plaguing the gig economy, and both of our subscription plans help offset the cost and make freelancers’ wallets lighter. For each transaction, other major platforms have been known to charge up to 15 bucks. With a Premium plan, you will pay $1.49 per transaction and with the Platinum plan, you will only pay $1.00.

When you spend less time (and less money) hustling for leads, you are more productive – and you make more money. On average, people who use either one of our plans can save between $10 and $50 a month and see more than 2x the amount of leads than those with a free account.

This is the first step toward delivering on our goal of making QuiGig a true safe haven for freelancers, and we’re constantly looking for more ways to provide users with the easiest, most convenient options possible.

Note: Subscription plans can be purchased by service providers, customers, and those that perform both actions on the platform. You will be continuously billed at the beginning of each pay period, usually one month from the last time you paid. Monthly Quig amount will roll over.

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