Communicating as a Freelancer on QuiGig March 9, 2018

Communicating as a Freelancer on QuiGig

Freelancing and gig-based work is becoming more and more common, and while it brings many advantages to companies and individuals, there are some inherent hurdles that arise when so much work is done remotely. One of these hurdles is undoubtedly communication, or more frequently, miscommunication. There are many different platforms on which to communicate, but despite where you decide to communicate, you will need to follow some basic rules from which will win you more clients and earn you more money.
Through using QuiGig, you will be able to streamline communication and focus on communication techniques that win you more gigs. Use this blog as a guide to the different methods of communication most frequently used, a place to get some insight on best communication practices, and a guide to help you navigate QuiGig a bit better.

Communication Tools for Freelancers

  • Email: Email is by far the most common communication method amongst professionals, including freelancers. With email, you are able to send messages as long and as detailed as you would like, with attachments that aid in explanation and clarification. You no longer need to be at your desk to send and receive emails! By virtue of smartphones, you can view and send emails at any time, and it is safe to say that this communication strategy isn’t going anywhere any time soon.
  • Text Message: The most popular messaging strategy for young people. This type of communication is great for small questions and short conversations where a phone call is unnecessary. Most freelancers use texts to clarify logistics on a project, like when to start or where to go. Some can do full coordination through the platform, but it can obviously be limited at times.

Most Popular Secondary Communications Tools for Freelancers!

  • Chat Apps: Chat Apps like Facebook Messenger, Vibr, and WhatsApp have become exceedingly popular in the last five years and now dominate casual and professional conversations internationally. The reason for their dominance could be their hindrance as well; you need WiFi or 3G service to use them. Facebook messenger is a very popular way to message people because of its ease-of-use and ability to share documents, photos, and of course, memes.
  • Face to Face: Speaking to someone in person is a dying art in our highly digitized world. Despite its fall from grace, this method is obviously quite effective for authentically connecting with people, winning business and gaining referrals. You won’t be able to share documents or send pictures, but the connection you make with someone after (or before) is invaluable.
  • Freelancer Platforms: Most all platforms boast their own version of a typical communication media. While none of them offer the ease or the depth of traditional online communication methods, they tote the ability to directly win you jobs. Each site has a different system, but we’re proud to say that QuiGig has the simplest, and most beneficial system if you want to get gigs done quick.

How the QuiGig Communication Process Works: Step by Step

On QuiGig, you will make initial communication through our site. We do this so that we can filter who you are speaking to upfront, making sure that you aren’t talking to someone who isn’t genuinely requesting your services.

Step 1.) Send Initial Communication Through the QuiGig Platform

Before you can openly communicate with the other user, you must first reach out to them through our platform. We have included this step in our communication method as a filter to you, so that you don’t end up giving your number, email, or even physical address to someone who you don’t know and who should have never had it in the first place.

Step 2.) Respond to Communication via Email

You will receive gig requests, bid updates, and additional follow up communication through email. From the emails, sent by QuiGig but from the other user, there will be a link within the email bringing you back to for further communication.

Step 3.) Unlock Full Communication

When you are directed back towards the website, you are then nearing the end of the communication on QuiGig. If you do decide to work with the person that you have been chatting with, then you will be given that person’s personal contact information, so from this point, you will be able to contact the person directly!

This cadence to  this particular type of communication insures that you select the perfect person to work with through guidance from us, ensuring you both are on the same page. We take the guesswork out of freelancing, one of the biggest hindrances to getting the gig done quick!

3 Tips for Better Communication

  • Get your agreements in writing!

Traditional companies use contracts for this specific purpose and you as a freelancer – or even someone looking to hire a freelancer – are entitled to getting exactly what you agreed upon. Hammering out details with a freelancer is often something that can be challenging and at times stress-inducing due to lack of understanding about a project. Having something clearly expressed in writing is a great way to clear up some of the more detailed aspects of the job. Even if you are primarily communicating on the phone, a simple clarifying text can make the difference between a  job well done and the wrong action completed.

  • Flex your expertise!

This tip is mostly for the freelancers out there, and can help win you more money and certainly more referrals. You are the expert in your field, and someone has enlisted your services. Just because you are only working on one project with them doesn’t mean that you are not peers with them. Show your short term employer what you know and what you can do with your experience, even if it means disagreeing with them. Asserting yourself as a professional early can set yourself up well for a healthy working relationship, especially if the project you are working on is multi-day. Set yourself up for success!

  • Use a platform that you are comfortable with.

This one is simple, and goes for both the freelancer and the person who needs some freelancing services. If you are not adept at using a chat app to conduct business, take your communications elsewhere. If you would rather have professional conversations in public, ask to set a face to face meeting. As I mentioned earlier, miscommunication is common in the freelancing space, and to limit that, just a bit, chat where you are comfortable. The standard communication platform is definitely email, but it could do you good to learn common protocols on the QuiGig platform so that you can effectively communicate and say the basics at the very least!

Better communication skills can lead to more money and more referrals!

Through seamless communication, you can alleviate a lot of the inconveniences associated with freelancing. With proper, sustained and polite talk from both sides, there will be no animosity held on either side of the freelancing transaction, whether that’s from someone going back on their word, a lack of communication, misunderstanding the gig, or anything other problems that may arise. Many people value the level of communication of a freelancer almost as high as they regard the work that they do, meaning that you should put just as much thought and emphasis in your communication strategy and diligence as you do your work .

Learn more about how to improve your freelancing game and use platforms like ours through the rest of our blog articles! Check it out.