First Blog of 2019: Making Better Resolutions

2019 is finally here, and QuiGig lives to see another year! We hit many big milestones this year, including turning one year old, launching our mobile apps, and seeing our first paid users on our platform, but we are more excited about the overall movement of people away from traditional employment to gig based work continue. Starting out as an independent service provider is all about incremental improvement and consistency, two things that can help you fulfill your New Year’s Resolutions. They are definitely two things that I and the rest of the QuiGig team will take into consideration as we move into 2019. We have big plans for this platform, but we also have big plans for ourselves. Take a look at some of the resolutions that our team members have made for this glorious New Year!


Bahareh Navabzadeh: Data Analyst

“In 2019 I would like to have a more positive outlook. I think this will help me in all aspects of my life! More specifically, I would like to get more exercise on a regular basis.”


Marshall Hitipeuw: Content Manager

“I want to make reading a bigger part of my daily routine in 2019. There are so many books that I wanted to read in 2018 that I just didn’t get to. I am starting with Seth Godin’s AltMBA reading list and adding some books in for entertainment as well. Outside of my personal life, I would like to become a more efficient writer so that I can create more content about QuiGig!”


Hossein Ghodsi: Product Manager

“As the father of a newborn, I would like to try to get better sleep in the New Year. But honestly, I would also like to read more and work on my studies.”


Emad Mousavi: Founder & CEO

“In 2019, I would like to lose weight. I have begun biking to work (when the weather and temperature permit) and I am working hard to change my diet for the New Year! As I have been working on the QuiGig project, I have gotten very interested in all of the new developments in blockchain and big data analysis, so I am going to learn as much as I can about these two fields to facilitate their implementation into the platform.”


2019 will also mark a year of change for QuiGig, as we have the infrastructure and team in place to take this platform to the next level. For all of those people entering into the freelancer lifestyle, we are here to help you fulfill your professional and personal goals through a laser focus on what problems need to be solved in your working life.

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