How to Build your Network as a Freelancer and Why It’s Important November 26, 2018

How to Build your Network as a Freelancer and Why It’s Important

Leads are the lifeblood of a sustainable freelancing career, and without them, you could quickly be pushed back to your old 9-5. Of the many freelancers that we speak with here at QuiGig, one of the biggest concerns we hear is the difficulty of finding quality new customers to augment their current regulars, and they are always on the hunt for that next big job. For blog writers, that could be making the connection at a publication that often uses freelancers. For a plumber, it might be that housewife who just can’t keep her sink from breaking every month. As difficult as finding that new customers may seem, one new client could be make your entire year.

Getting a quality lead that you can then get work from can feel like fishing. You can do all the preparation in the world, have all of the proper equipment, knowledge and technique, and ultimately sink days into reeling them in only for you to come up empty handed or with some less than desirable piece of trash. Talk to the best fisherman and they will tell you – the sport (or “sport”) is first and foremost about patience. For better or for worse, you won’t be afforded the same support as you would in a 9-5 (yet). You have to pick yourself up by your bootstraps, and run every facet of your business yourself. It takes grit, resilience, and a dedication to truly being your own boss.

If freelancing really is fishing, you are in luck – there is a huge ocean rife with new clientele at every depth, and many fellow fishermen (male and female) to share stories with. As the number of freelancers has skyrocketed, so too have professional communities – both in person and online – dedicated to strategic networking and explicit lead-generation. In Houston, where QuiGig is located, there are a few places perfect for freelancers to build their professional rolodex, such as Station Houston, The Cannon Houston, Growthli, and the two WeWork campuses.


  • Station Houston – 1301 Fannin St – a coworking space located in Downtown Houston that is home to many startups. Has a floating desk program for anyone that allows them free WiFi, coffee, beer, and best of all access to awesome events like Houston’s Start Up Demo Day.
  • Cannon Houston – 1336 Brittmoore Rd – a space in Katy that houses many startups, and have its own VC firm attached to it, called Cannon Ventures  in which they are raising money to attract more high-potential startups to Houston.
  • Growthli Executive Suites & Coworking – 6363 Richmond Ave #220 – A coworking and freelancer hub that sits just outside of the loop. This venue often runs info sessions for those trying to get their hustle on, and has a dedicated Learning Lab just a bit away.


All three of these establishments share the pursuit of a healthier environment for freelancers and small businesses in the city of Houston and beyond. Like the coastal cities of New York and LA, Houston has a budding community of freelancers that are all dedicated on honing their craft and helping their colleagues do the same. Meeting with fellow freelancers and brainstorming problems (and solutions!) is paramount to long-term success.

That’s why we have built a referral system that rewards professionals who bring their friends, family, and professional colleagues to QuiGig with our on platform currency. The more people we can have join the QuiGig family, the more people will be able to ask questions to, and the more problems about the gig economy we can solve for all of those involved. Our mission here at QuiGig is to fix the broken gig economy, and the only way to do that is to bring together all of the freelancers – the true drivers of the space – under one roof. If you are already a member of QuiGig, you are eligible for the referral program.

All you have to do is use the referral link that you can get on your QuiGig profile, and have whoever it is sign up with that! If you do, you will earn 50 Quigs per each person that you sign up. These Quigs are super valuable, as they are what you use to act on the QuiGig platform without incurring fees that will rack up.

Click here to learn how to refer your friends on QuiGig (and get rewarded for it too!)

With a working referral system and a large user base, you can use QuiGig as your professional hub, asking questions and collaborating with others in your same situation. In each blog, we touch on how hard it currently is to be a freelancer, and even if we are starting to sound like a broken record, it’s true. We are building something that can take that already fulfilling work to new heights, with information and support, and passion.