The “First Three”: Prioritizing Quickness and Convenience with QuiGig May 14, 2018

The “First Three”: Prioritizing Quickness and Convenience with QuiGig

Updated on Oct. 14, 2018

Since the beginning of our current digital revolution, the speed of life and business have been rapidly accelerating. It has made many things more convenient, and even many things possible, and we have become so accustomed to the acceleration that we now expect it. Sitting in traffic has become a bore. Commercials are non-existent. Our media is delivered to us in six second clips. Although there are many people out there who wish we could go back to the good ole’ days, we at QuiGig have embraced the speed, and baked it directly into our platform to create the quickest and most modern service platform around. One way we are doing this is with our “First Three” system.


Incentivizing Quickness


Imagine, as a freelancer, not having to pay for leads anymore. This is possible with QuiGig’s First Three system – as long as you are fast! We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, especially in a market that is predicated on convenience. Many freelancers become so because of their desire for a more convenient life, and most customers in the freelance economy are looking for the same. One of the biggest components of convenience is quickness, something that we value very highly at QuiGig. If you value it at much as we do, you will pay very little, oftentimes nothing at all, to find work and get the gig done.


Our First Three System was developed to help those freelancers who are trying to get gigs done quick, allowing their customers to get their needs met faster. Being in the First Three as a freelancer means that you were one of the first three people to respond to an order sent by a customer that needs a service like yours. For those that do make it in the First Three and are prioritizing speed, we will reward them with some of their money back.


How does it work?


When a freelancer goes to respond to a work order on QuiGig, they will be prompted to spend 40 Quigs. You can also use USD (other currencies coming soon!), but you won’t be able to take advantage of the First Three system. After you do spend those 40 Quigs, which equate to about one dollar, your information will be sent over to the customer that placed the order for review. The customer will then see the first three bids from three different freelancers. These bids are chosen only based on time – whoever submits their bids first will be seen. As even more incentive, those freelancers that do make it into the First Three will be refunded those Quigs, essentially meaning that they will be able to bid for free!