Transitioning to a being a small business owner: what you need to know November 5, 2019

Transitioning to a being a small business owner: what you need to know

Transitioning to owning your own business is fun. In fact, it’s easy to get swept up in your newfound freedom: creating your own business, setting your own hours, being your own boss. Despite the many benefits, successfully transitioning from having a side gig to being a full-time service provider is tricky. Ease into this vast and unique world by keeping the following tips in mind:


Don’t rush into it

Not 100% sure that owning a service business is something you want to do? Take on one or two small side jobs first before you quit your day job! Test the waters, and see how you like it. Keep working in your former position until you are sure that this is the right move for you.

When you do leave your permanent job, quality of life may improve immediately, but it can nosedive just as easily. Cutting off the social aspect of work completely can lead to isolation anxiety. Join local organizations or clubs in your area to develop a social life outside of work. If this seems like too much of a time commitment, arrange to meet a friend or colleague for coffee or a quick bite at least once a week. Be sure to schedule in your social time – it is an important part of your to-do list.

This is also good time to consider how you will handle issues that arise now that you are on your own — like who will do the accounting and what to do if you have an IT problem. These types of needs come up with any business, and it is good to have a plan of action in mind.


Plan where you will work in advance

Having office space for your new business may not be practical in the short run. Whether you are most productive in a designated workspace or work best as a digital nomad, having an idea of where you will be working is important. Simply visualizing your non-traditional workplace can boost both your productivity and creativity, and can be the different between making quality progress and losing an entire morning’s worth of work.

Before you try out a new workspace, do a quick Google search to figure out whether that space fits your needs. Does the area have stable WiFi? Is it loud? Can you charge your laptop easily? Will there be children there? Will you be able to take that important phone call? If you are working at home, will you be able to stay focused? Know the answers to these questions before you venture somewhere new to start your daily tasks.


Find a structure that works for you

You left the 9-5, but most of your customers still operate within these hours. Chances are, you will still have a routine, but that is far from a bad thing! Studies have shown time and time again that having a consistent work routine boosts productivity. Having a definitive structure will also help you know when it is time to stop working (believe it or not, one of the most popular problems that plagues small business owners is overworking!). With a set schedule, you have a designated stopping point for your day’s work, whether you have completely finished or not.

Transitioning can be the perfect time to develop these good habits and other new ones.  For example, we are hearing more and more about how important it is to take regular breaks from sitting and working. According to Healthline, it is recommended that you stand up and walk around at least once an hour. Other sources recommend that you stand when you take phone calls.


Embrace the professional benefits

Now that you are the boss, try to find your “ideal” clients. Finally, you can choose what business to accept and what business to turn away! If you try to be all things to all people, you may not be able to do a good job. Figure out what you are best at, and then accept new work accordingly. You will be happy, and your clients will be happy. By focusing your efforts, you will also be starting to build expertise in specific areas that will allow you to charge more for your services in the future!


Try out QuiGig Service Marketplace

Even if you follow these tips and get off to a great start, you still may find you need some help getting the word out about your services. QuiGig is a platform crafted specifically to help service providers get more work through its efficient service marketplace.

At QuiGig, we understand your challenges and opportunities. In fact, everyone on our team has been – or still does – have a side business! Sign up to be a QuiGig service provider for free today, and start getting quality leads as soon as tomorrow. It’s easy, fast, and free.

Once you are onboard, we can help you with your business marketing, as well. We offer a free CRM to help keep track of new leads and clients. For just a small monthly fee, we will also run your pay per click ads and social media accounts.

With all of these assignments off your desk, you will be able to get back to your dream: running your own business! Sign up now.

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