What is the Free CRM?

Whether you are your own boss or not, you have had that bonehead experience of forgetting to save someones number or letting an important business card go through the washing machine. Not keeping up with new contacts and potential clients have been cited as one of the most challenging aspects of freelancing, along with managing post-client relationships and managing a tight budget.

If you want to up your game and work to never losing contacts again, you must enter a world of complicated programs and expensive price tags. The sad alternative to this is trying to track new clients in notes in your phone, on post-it-notes, napkins, and even in your head. You are doomed for failure if you do not have all of your contacts in one place. You need a simple CRM, not one that overwhelms you.

Here at QuiGig, we tried to use one of the industry leaders, but as a small, rapidly growing business, we just didn’t have the time to learn thousands of features AND keep up with our current business. None of them were optimized for simplicity and new features are added to cloud the necessary essentials. Instead of struggling with something complicated, or worse, losing the contacts altogether, we developed a simple CRM that has only the essentials of a small business, and now we are giving that away to you for free.


What is a CRM anyway?


A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage customer information and helps you make decisions based on that information and activity to further your business. This type of system can help you save time, have more focused conversations, and organize your business. Our CRM is the simplest solution you will find, and easily gives you the features you need to capitalize on the connections that you make.


How it Works:

Our CRM revolves around your Network. This is where all of your professional contacts will live, and where you will have new notifications. Your Network consists of three different lead types: Team, Clients, and Leads. Let’s start with Leads.


These are the lifeblood of your business. The Leads classification on QuiGig refers to people who could potentially be your clients. There are only a couple of ways that someone can get a Lead status.

The first way someone gets added to your Leads is when they place an order on QuiGig and you respond to that order. Immediately after you contract themThe second way someone gets added is through them reaching out to you on your personal webpage.


Someone’s status will switch from Leads to Clients when they hire you. After a person becomes a Client in The Free CRM, you are able to reach out to them at any time, even after the gig is done. If you want to reach back out to them and check in, you can do that easily.


If you are your own boss, you already know that hiring is part of your job. Through QuiGig, you can find other freelancers to work with either on a per-project or a permanent basis. Someone gets a “Team” classification in your Network only if you manually add them.

For someone to be in your Network, they have to have a verified account on QuiGig. If there is anyone that you haven’t added yet, you should invite them your referral code! You get 20 Quigs per person that signs up with your personal code. Here are some instructions to do just that.


How to Add Someone to The Free CRM


You can message anyone in your network directly on this page. What makes our CRM unique is how you can interact with them via messenger. You can obviously reach out and ask how your client’s kids are, etc. but what is more interesting are the message shortcuts. There are three different shortcuts offered today: one for easy image sending, location sharing and invoicing.



You are able to directly send and request invoices from the messenger at the push of a button. When you can handle invoicing in the same place as you manage contacts and get work, you can keep much better track of all of the payments you have received. This is especially important around tax season, where detailed financial records are required. These invoices have all of the important information embedded in them, and can be sent out in less than 3 minutes once you are comfortable with the system.

How to Send an Invoice


Location Sharing:

This feature was added for those who provide local services. You can very quickly post your location, proposed meeting spot, or whatever other location you might need to meet at. Our location sharing feature is fully integrated with Google Maps.


Image Sending:

If you need to send an example of your work, or you need to share something in image form, you can press the button and simply send the person the document. You can easily upload images from your phone or from Google Drive, and download any image that is in your messaging on the platform.


How to send Messages


The Free CRM is integrated with another essential feature of our app, the Scheduler. Just as you can on other platforms, you can schedule meetings, meetups and more with people in your Network. You can also schedule yourself notifications and reminders, keeping you on top of all your business in the same place that you maintain and get new business.


How to Schedule Something on The Free CRM


You can very simply access The Free CRM by clicking the link below. We suggest that the very first thing you should do is add one member to your Team or to your Client list! You will quickly see how easy it is to use.

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