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The QuiGig Bidding System

In the current freelancing climate, the platforms that people use are restrictive. They allow for one narrow path that services slowly flow to and from. When this happens, there is a bottleneck that is formed. Some of the major freelancer platforms have attempted to solve this through taking more control over the process. We at QuiGig don’t […]

Top 6 Summer Jobs for Students

Even if your counselors told you it was, it is not too late to get an awesome summer job, and in certain places, there are a lot still to come by. There are any number of small, short term jobs that a college or high school student could handle that aren’t mowing lawns or babysitting. If […]

Sustaining your Freelancing Career with 5 Steps

If anyone tries to tell you that freelancers don’t work hard for their money just because they don’t operate within the typical nine to five schedule that most do, you might as well laugh in their face – because that is far from the truth. According to freelancermap, a typical freelancer works 7 more hours per […]

Tips for Your First time Full-Time Freelancing

Freelancing is fun, but the transition is difficult. I am not going to sugar coat it, you should be thoroughly preparing for the tough change. That being said, once you make that change, it is worth it. If you are able to smoothly transition, I guarantee that you won’t go back to the way you […]

The Importance of Data

Given the mostly negative press that data aggregation techniques have received over the last five or so years, it is easy to write it off the practice as a whole. Many people have tried, whether it has been through deactivating their Facebook accounts, using Tor, or giving up those addictive internet quizzes, but there is no escaping the pervasion […]