The Importance of Data

Given the mostly negative press that data aggregation techniques have received over the last five or so years, it is easy to write it off the practice as a whole. Many people have tried, whether it has been through deactivating their Facebook accounts, using Tor, or giving up those addictive internet quizzes, but there is no escaping the pervasion of data in our everyday live – and for the record, it is not a bad thing. We as human beings are constantly making decisions. Read more

Is Getting Paid for Your Freelance Gig in Bitcoin a Good Idea?

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As a freelancer, your middle name is flexibility. You have to adjust your practices and workflows to accommodate your clients, otherwise there will always be someone else who can work the way your potential employers want them to work. This sometimes includes the way you get paid. Read more

Challenges Facing Startup ICOs in the U.S.

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The cryptocurrency space has seen astronomical growth in the last few years, starting with the Bitcoin craze and culminating in the current market comprising hundreds of individual coin offerings worldwide. Read more

The Evolution of Technology and How it Has Shaped Our World

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The first personal computers were released in the early 80s and, over the next ten to fifteen years, became a ubiquitous fixture in modern homes. Many of the more forward thinking companies had already begun installing computers in their offices years before, from the models of the 70s that filled entire rooms to the desktop terminals that proliferated in the 80s and 90s. Read more

The Pros and (few) Cons of Globalization

“Globalization” is one of those words – along with “blockchain” or “automation” – that is thrown around quite a lot in today’s working world. There is good reason for it, but many talk about the perils, or the benefits of it without actually knowing what it means or what the phenomenon of globalization has already brought to the world. Read more

Descrimination in the Freelance World

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Workplace discrimination is, unfortunately, still a commonplace problem; no industry or specialty or geographic area is immune. Sometimes it’s based on gender or sexual preference. Sometimes it’s based on ethnicity or religious background. Sometimes it results in being paid less or passed over for promotion. Sometimes it means not even getting hired at all. Read more

A Gig Economy Data Breakdown

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While the “gig economy” has become a sort of umbrella term for more flexible work structures, like freelancing, than the traditional 9-to-5 jobs, there is no question that the global workforce is experiencing a reinvention. Read more

QuiGig’s 2nd Year Started This Week, in Building the Technology that Revolutionizes the Gig Economy

This Sunday marked QuiGig’s first anniversary as a Texas Corporation, and a marketplace platform for service. During the last 12 months, we have been working hard to build a technology platform that revolutionizes the Gig Economy. Here I am explaining why what we do is important and revolutionary: Read more