QuiGig’s Love Affair with Houston

On the outside, Houston looks like a bloated and sprawling southern-fried town being propped up by petrol and NASA and being run on fast food. For the people that live here (including me), this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The most famous mural in the city that is covered with them reads “Houston is Inspired, Hip, Funky” – but this isn’t exactly genuine either. Read more

QuiGig: Is it Free? Yes and No.

Since 2012, there has been a sharp increase in people being their own bosses and freelancing, thus using sites similar to QuiGig. Many of them love it (understandably so), but almost all of them share the same common problem – that they have to spend more than they are comfortable with to advertise their services. They feel as though they have to have money to make money, and Read more

Creating a Stellar Freelancing Profile on QuiGig

The way that consumers make decisions about what to spend their money on has changed.

People used to rely on word of mouth but in this highly digitized world, it has been proven that most people literally will not act – whether that is purchasing online, visiting a storefront, or even checking out what it is that’s offered – without seeing a positive sentiment written online. Read more

Navigating QuiGig: A Site Overview

It isn’t just millenials who want things fast anymore. The internet’s pervasiveness has taken its toll on every generation and young people are no longer the only ones that are screen addicted. According to a study run by Colorado University, baby boomers are spending on average more time on the internet than millennials in the 16 to 34 age range. What does this mean for freelancers and the gig economy? Quickness is a must. Read more

Communicating as a Freelancer on QuiGig

Freelancing and gig-based work is becoming more and more common, and while it brings many advantages to companies and individuals, there are some inherent hurdles that arise when so much work is done remotely. One of these hurdles is undoubtedly communication, or more frequently, miscommunication. Read more

The QuiGig Freelance Profile

One of the QuiGig’s best features is our dynamic freelancer profile. It provides multiple customizable sections, including image and profile sample uploads. In a situation where there is typically a substantial disconnect (due to the remote nature of freelancing in general), QuiGig’s profile features allows a potential customer to catch a glimpse of your personality. Read more

The “First Three”: Prioritizing Quickness and Convenience with QuiGig

Updated on Oct. 14, 2018

Since the beginning of our current digital revolution, the speed of life and business have been rapidly accelerating. It has made many things more convenient, and even many things possible, and we have become so accustomed to the acceleration that we now expect it. Sitting in traffic has become a bore. Commercials are non-existent. Our media is delivered to us in six second clips. Read more

The QuiGig Bidding System

In the current freelancing climate, the platforms that people use are restrictive. They allow for one narrow path that services slowly flow to and from. When this happens, there is a bottleneck that is formed. Some of the major freelancer platforms have attempted to solve this through taking more control over the process. We at QuiGig don’t believe in that. From the beginning, our mission has been to bring a fair and supportive platform to the gig economy. Read more

Brand New! Save Money and get Extra Features with the QuiGig Subscription Plans

At QuiGig, we are working out to improve people’s lives with our solution to the problems in the gig economy – and that solution needs two things: innovative features and personal support. That’s why we’re announcing the launch of the first iteration of the QuiGig Subscription Plans: Read more

QuiGig’s 2nd Year Started This Week, in Building the Technology that Revolutionizes the Gig Economy

This Sunday marked QuiGig’s first anniversary as a Texas Corporation, and a marketplace platform for service. During the last 12 months, we have been working hard to build a technology platform that revolutionizes the Gig Economy. Here I am explaining why what we do is important and revolutionary: Read more