How to Check your Notifications on QuiGig

There are not many times that you will be notified on the QuiGig platform, but each one is important to getting that job or quickly hiring the right freelancer. Since our system prioritizes quickness, we suggest that you make sure to quickly check each notification and respond to it in a timely manner. Read more

Transitioning as a Freelancer: What you need to know

Freelancing is fun, but the transition is difficult. I am not going to sugar coat it, you should be thoroughly preparing for the tough change. That being said, once you make that change, it is worth it. If you are able to smoothly transition, I guarantee that you won’t go back to the way you worked before. OK, well I can’t exactly guarantee that, but I do know that you will see obvious benefits right away. Read more

Is Getting Paid for Your Freelance Gig in Bitcoin a Good Idea?

This post was written by CEO Emad Mousavi and re-posted from his personal LinkedIn. You can follow him right here.

As a freelancer, your middle name is flexibility. You have to adjust your practices and workflows to accommodate your clients, otherwise there will always be someone else who can work the way your potential employers want them to work. This sometimes includes the way you get paid. Read more

Are You Ready for the Tech Tsunami?

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First Blog of 2019: Making Better Resolutions

2019 is finally here, and QuiGig lives to see another year! We hit many big milestones this year, including turning one year old, launching our mobile apps, and seeing our first paid users on our platform, but we are more excited about the overall movement of people away from traditional employment to gig based work continue. Starting out as an independent service provider is all about incremental improvement and consistency, two things that can help you fulfill your New Year’s Resolutions. Read more

Getting Digital Leads through Social Media (all professions)

Lead generation, especially digitally as we are going to focus on in this article, can be done through many different channels. To fully understand the scope of digital lead generation, you should think about all of the different ways that you use the internet – varied, I know. From checking your email to updating your status to shopping online, there is a place and the potential for you to gain more customers or at least more followers. Read more

Digitally Managing your In-Person Business: Utilizing Digital Tools to Increase Productivity

From Nothing to Something


You are highly capable with your hands, everyone knows that. Your clients, your friends, heck, even your girlfriend (or boyfriend). You have been fixing things (or breaking things) for the better half of your life, and you are so good at it (not the breaking part) that you have made a career out of it. Like many others found out before you, running your business requires more than being handy. Read more

Growing your Business on Google: What you Need to Know to Get Started

“Why does Google matter for businesses?”

This question might be obvious to some of you reading, but it is important that we start by clarifying its importance, and Google’s impact as a whole on the way that business is being done today. Google’s world usage is immense, and people are using the world’s most used search engine today in unfathomable numbers. Read more

What is the Free CRM?

Whether you are your own boss or not, you have had that bonehead experience of forgetting to save someones number or letting an important business card go through the washing machine. Not keeping up with new contacts and potential clients have been cited as one of the most challenging aspects of freelancing, along with managing post-client relationships and managing a tight budget. Read more

How to Build a Million Dollar Business?

How many of us love to learn how to make ONE MILLION DOLLARS in the next 24 hours for free and with minimal effort? I bet many! And I bet every one of us will be more than willing to spend all night reading an article that explains how that can happen. Well, you don’t have to spend all night to read such article because the answer is short and I am just writing it here for you: Read more