Fulfilling the Promise of the Gig Economy

Working in a one-person business grants you the freedom, flexibility and earning potential that you just don’t have in a traditional job environment, but let’s be real: there are too many things that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. QuiGig is here to eliminate the obstacles in the way of service provider success, allowing all participants of the gig economy to flourish.


  • Stripe
    We offer you on-site payments, access to invoices, and a secure platform wallet.
  • Validity Screening
    You can be sure that you always hire a qualified and responsible freelancers
  • Validity Screening
    Tailor-made Insights on the gig economy powered by IBM’s Watson
  • Validity Screening
    The gig economy knows no borders. Receive payments in your local currency, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Validity Screening
    Based in Houston, we are invested in improving the freelancing scene in our hometown.

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With QuiGig's Mobile App You Can

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  • Accept Mobile Payments
  • Bid on new gigs
  • Hire other contractors
  • Market your services
  • Review and manage leads
  • Invoice clients and pay your team
  • And more!

Simply Grow & Manage your Business

When you run your own business, the work never stops. Service providers without a plan can easily fall into the weeds and spend more time running their business than actually doing it. We are creating a easy to use tool that provides you with the essential features you need to start managing and growing your one-man operation.

  • A personalized web page you can use to build your brand and broaden your reach
  • Built-in invoicing and payment tool that you can help manage your financials
  • An easy-to-use communication tool to chat with current and future clients and team from anywhere
  • A scheduler on the platform to help you stay on top of new and existing business.

With these, you can better manage your business and streamline your day-to-day operations and marketing, all in one place. Never again will you lose that invoice or miss a follow up. With QuiGig, you will be able to build your brand and get back to what you do best - your job.

ICO About us Concept

Hire Qualified Freelancers on the Spot

ICO About us Concept

Gone are the days of searching twelve different websites to find one electrician. You can hire with confidence on QuiGig because you know two essential things: That the service provider eager to complete your project and, more importantly, their availability matches yours. Our hiring system has been streamlined so that it takes less than 20 clicks (try for yourself) to hire a motivated provider at a reasonable price


Quigs are the fuel of QuiGig: you use them to complete essential actions on the platform, like posting gigs or bids on the site.

Quigs balance security, convenience, and ensure affordable opportunities for QuiGig users.

Quigs significantly reduce platform fees when used instead of USD to post a gig or a bid.

You can buy Quigs in bundles on your QuiGig dashboard. You can also earn free Quigs when you use the referral link to share QuiGig with your friends. Every time someone signs up with QuiGig using your referral link, you will earn some Quigs!

What We Offer

Message of the Founder and CEO

Hear from our fearless leader about why QuiGig is important and why you should invest today.

What are Quigs?

Quigs are the utility token on QuiGig platform, which you use to post gigs or bids.

Our Team

We are an experienced and enthusiastic team, ready to unveil
the QuiGig project to the world.


We have leaders from all areas of business, science, and academia
converging on the QuiGig project and helping us achieve our vision.
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