How to Register your Bank Account on QuiGig October 19, 2018

How to Register your Bank Account on QuiGig

Recently, we added the ability for on-site payment, making the entire process of buying and selling services even quicker and easier. You can now link your bank account with QuiGig through your profile.

Step One: Go to your QuiGig profile

If you already have a profile on QuiGig, especially if you often use it, you will already be logged in when you visit If you don’t already have a QuiGig account, read this article on how to sign up(hint: it’s really easy).

Step Two: Click on the “Dashboard” section

Step Three: Click the “Payment Method” Tab

The “Payment Method” Tab is on the left-hand side of the dashboard directly underneath the “My Bids” tab.

Step Four: Fill out the Information on the Page

We don’t need much information from you to get your card registered on QuiGig. All we ask for is your Account Name, Account Number, and Routing Number. We will store your information to make everything easier for you, and we will never share this information with anyone.

If you want to remove your bank account, click the small trash can icon to the right of your current bank account information. We will completely delete your old bank account information from our system if you wish to update your information on the QuiGig site.