QuiGig: Is it Free? Yes and No. February 16, 2018

QuiGig: Is it Free? Yes and No.

Since 2012, there has been a sharp increase in people being their own bosses and freelancing, thus using sites similar to QuiGig. Many of them love it (understandably so), but almost all of them share the same common problem – that they have to spend more than they are comfortable with to advertise their services. They feel as though they have to have money to make money, and have shared with me the times in which they have lost more than what the actual job is worth in just simply posting the job. From the beginning, we at QuiGig have found this to be unacceptable, so we have made advertising our service, “free”.

Before we continue, it is important to notice the difference between free and “free”. This is not to say QuiGig will not get paid as a business and there is definitely no guarantee that you that you will never have to break out your credit card to use QuiGig. What we can offer is monetary rewards for responsiveness and a moderate level of free use every single month.

We offer a coin-based transaction system in which you use QuiGig-branded currency to perform actions. We will give you 500 free quigs each month, which will allow you to send 5 bids per month for free. If you go past this quig amount, you will have to pay for more quigs, which can be purchased on our site. If you want to hold your quigs tightly, you can answer to open bids quickly and get reimbursed for your quig spend if you are one of the first three to respond. Obviously, if you are too slow, you will lose those quigs, but if you are fast, you will save tons of money!

We believe that this style of work, as opposed to a traditional nine to five, is the future of employment (maybe), and want to see many, many people transition over to it. Our “free” system ensures that people can dip their toes into the gig economy without an initial monetary investment. Everyone deserves a clean start and a chance to make their mark on their own, and we are happy to enable all of our users, not just our power users – although you are cherished as well

QuiGig can bring you a system in which some of these problems can be lessened. We are growing in a direction in which we will always be looking out for service providers new and old and will have new features that make the service offering system safer, more secure, and highly streamlined! Subscribe to our blog, or get on our email list to stay informed.