QuiGig’s 2nd Year Started This Week, in Building the Technology that Revolutionizes the Gig Economy November 15, 2018

QuiGig’s 2nd Year Started This Week, in Building the Technology that Revolutionizes the Gig Economy

This Sunday marked QuiGig’s first anniversary as a Texas Corporation, and a marketplace platform for service. During the last 12 months, we have been working hard to build a technology platform that revolutionizes the Gig Economy. Here I am explaining why what we do is important and revolutionary:

Freelancers and small business service providers are basically entrepreneurs pursuing their professional dreams. However, we hear a lot about the challenges they face in highly competitive markets dominated by large corporations and monopolies, pushing them towards giving up entrepreneurship and choosing a traditional employment career. It is truly challenging to grow a personal business and deal with all the basics of running it under a climate still characterized by wage gaps, discrimination, harassment, yet highly demanding clients. These problems are worse when compared to traditional employees, you have much less support system – like corporate attorneys – or benefits – like health care and retirement plans. So one should really be a challenge taker to still want to give up traditional employment over entrepreneurship. Question is, can this business environment change in favor of entrepreneurship?

One solution seems to be the freelance and service marketplace platforms, which are supposed to help independent workers start and grow personal business and brand. However, currently the marketplace platforms are based on a centralized business model, which can undermine the long term interests of freelancers because the economic interests of the platform lay in the employers who pay to use them, as opposed to the service providers who live under the mercy of the platform and their customers. Especially, any platform that has the tools to hunt employers has a limited interest to offer the workforce more than the minimum that keeps enough active providers available for their customers. As a result, even the simplest of things like disputes are less likely to be settled in the workers’ favor (there are plenty of stories about payments being reversed and profiles being deleted without an appeal process). All of that is because platforms can quickly find and replace new workforce with those that burn out. There will still be plenty of small businesses or individual freelancers who would work with a platform that sends them leads for a fee. So pursuing professional dreams through a centralized service platform is almost as if you are trying to compete with yet another monopoly, or maybe work for a monopoly, not yourself, with much less benefits and support.

But as freelancing and one person businesses become more normalized, and the “gig economy” grows, things are going to have to change to accommodate the independent worker as well as the traditional 9-to-5’er. The demand for that change is already expressed in many small ways–across the country there are freelancers forming unions to demand more rights and better benefits, and some companies are even including contractors in their corporate HR policies and outlining specific protections for them.

It’s a good start, but it is still in no way enough, especially considering the fact that freelancers work in every field, online and offline, and data indicates they are on their way to becoming the dominant workforce around the globe. Let’s face it: no one cares about the freelancers or worries about their short and long term successes more than themselves, and when technology can now empower them to drive the economy to serve their interests, they must make the most out of the tools available to them. Technology can now revolutionize the global economy and force the creation of an entirely new ecosystem that is designed for the short and long term success of freelancers and independent service providers.

QuiGig was created with the aim of building an ecosystem to provide the technological capital and personalized support necessary for every average person to build a personal business:

  • Real-time data insights about specific services and locations will allow freelancers to make well informed decisions about their future.
  • A simple CRM empowered by our lead generation tools allows individuals to grow their personal teams of clients and fellow providers and manage their relationships.
  • Locally curated and online recommended professional development training opens new opportunities and elevates skills.
  • AI-powered smart marketing allows more effective matching of clients with the service providers.

Hence, by using a combination of cutting edge technologies, QuiGig is ushering in a true revolution in the service economy.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help workforce make best decisions for a long term success is another key aspects of what budding entrepreneurs need to be successful, and is a priority in QuiGig’s technology roadmap. The insights provided by relevant data can be used by freelancers to improve their marketing and sales, training, and even bidding strategy, and make their success much more predictable. We are so excited to be a pioneer in making these technologies available through simplest tools for your average service provider.

Finally, the QuiGig technology empowers individuals to develop one of their most important resources – a network of fellow independent workers who can not only provide them with the services they need but also build the foundation of a brand new type of ecosystem where you can create a global team in the simplest and most effective way possible. Imagine if you have a simple CRM to connect and manage relationship with other freelancers or clients, and communicate, hire, and pay them when you need them for any services like sales and marketing, legal advice, accounting, or simply fixing your computer, all within an environment designed to help everyone of them support each other, and develop multiple revenue streams, supported by data insights, and with a utility token that increases value in time as an ideal long term saving. Training on current or new service areas and connecting with new clients are also included. Isn’t that the beginning of a new working world? A new ecosystem where the entrepreneurs have all the essential needs to be successful. The more they engage with the platform, the more they benefit from it, and the stronger this economy becomes, the more global clients can utilize and benefit from it too. That is the QuiGig dream.

We all know the traditional employment game was designed for people to serve someone else’s dream, the much smaller number of entrepreneurs who would hire them. That working world now has an alternative where everyone can become an entrepreneur, working with other entrepreneurs so everyone have the opportunity to realize their dreams. There is a wealth of opportunity for independent workers to make real careers out of side hustles, freelancing, part time gigs, and entrepreneurship, but they will have to take advantage of this new possibility and write a new playbook, a new game that keeps the power of every individual’s career in his or her own hands.

We at QuiGig believe that this will happen, sooner or later, when the workforce realizes the power they have and learn about the technology available to revolutionize the global gig economy, but we want it today rather than tomorrow, and we are working more than full time to make it happen. What do you think? Will you join us to expedite this revolution?

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