Navigating QuiGig: A Site Overview March 4, 2018

Navigating QuiGig: A Site Overview

It isn’t just millenials who want things fast anymore. The internet’s pervasiveness has taken its toll on every generation and young people are no longer the only ones that are screen addicted. According to a study run by Colorado University, baby boomers are spending on average more time on the internet than millennials in the 16 to 34 age range. What does this mean for freelancers and the gig economy? Quickness is a must.

The quicker an action can be completed online, whether this is getting a ride, buying clothes, or ordering food, the more instant the gratification must be. Not only does a quick process lead to higher customer satisfaction, but it frees up the user to get on with their lives and get off of their phones. This quickness and ease is an important part of our website, and you can tell almost immediately after logging on that we have streamlined the gig ordering and receiving system. First and foremost, a site must function in a way that a user of today will appreciate. While QuiGig has all of our key features of the site prominently displayed making it easy for you, the user, to find them. However, there are a few aspects of the site that we want to make sure you’re aware of!

The Home Page

Our homepage is pretty straightforward and we have no doubt that you can navigate it to find what you need, but we are going to help you navigate it. As you scroll up from the bottom, you will find a video outlining exactly what we do, who we are, and how we can help you. Next, you will see a short description of our processes for getting a gig and hiring for a gig. We at QuiGig are keeping the connection between the freelancer and the person needing the service very simple and streamlined, and we pride ourselves on not wasting your time while still keeping you safe and secure online. What you will see next, is the crown jewel of our website; the search bar.

From here, you can find gigs in your local area. As you can see, we have a functional dropdown underneath the actual full service search bar that you can utilize to the most popular gigs in your local area. The services that appear will change based on location, season, and time, hopefully aiding in your search to complete a short term gig quickly. If you want a more fleshed out search option, use the main search bar to find nearly any service you can think of. We have over 900 services displayed on the platform, from contortionist services, to house sitter, to petting zoo entertainment with so much in between. If you don’t see a service that you think we should feature, whether you need that service or you can provide it, send us an email and we can add it to the list! In an environment where technology moves so rapidly, new job titles pop up everyday. Who would have thought in 2018 that one of our most popular services would be 3D Printing!

Moving up from the search bar, you will get to the top navigation of our site. Here, you can learn more about the company, answer any questions you may have, sign up, and if you have already done that, view your profile.

Your Profile

Last week, we posted a blog detailing the in’s and out’s of a QuiGig profile, including tips and tricks to building the best profile, and the psychology behind driving a potential customer’s decision about whether or not they want to work with you. We hope that you read that one first, but if not, this little section should suffice! Profiles are vastly important in the gig economy sphere because typically you will not get the opportunity to form a personal connection until after they see your profile. They act as a gatekeeper for you to win (or lose) jobs, so it is of the utmost importance that you utilize it properly, and that you know where you have to go to edit it on our platform. Step 1: Go to the homepage. From there, if you are signed in, you should see your profile image (if you don’t have one yet, you will see your initials surrounded by a circle). Click on that. Once you see the dropdown, click on “Your Profile,” to get started on edits.

Underneath the profile section, you will find the “My Gigs” page. This is where–you guessed it–you can see the gigs that you have both completed and requested. For a new user, this page will be rather barren, but the more gigs you fulfill with QuiGig, the more complete it will become! In addition to this page filling up with your completed gigs, you will accrue ratings which will make you a more attractive candidate for the next gig. Since our hiring system eliminates objective factors from being relevant in the decision making process, (disclosing a service provider’s age, gender, and physical appearance), your rating plays a huge factor in getting the job.

You can also visit the Quig Store, a new, integral feature recently added to our website! “Quigs” are the platform currency that you use to perform actions on the website. The use of Quigs, as opposed to cash or your credit card, allow us to significantly reduce transaction fees and limit spam orders and bids. Convenience and support for all users are very important to us, and the implementation of quigs on our platform aids in creating the environment that we want for our community. You can buy Quigs in three different bundles, the most being 2000 for around 21 dollars. Considering it costs 100 coins for a user to place an order, and only 200 for a service provider to make a bid on that order, no matter what your role within QuiGig is you will be able to perform it many times for around 20 bucks!

That sums up the introduction to our website! We’ve done our best to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible in order to get you out in the world and completing more gigs! We want to make you more money, not force you to spend ample time or money on our platform. As we continue our rapid growth, we will be adding features to our site to enhance your experience with QuiGig.