This New App Gives College Students A Lucrative Way To Spend Summer Between Semesters

For the majority of college students, the gap between spring and fall semesters is a summer spent working odd jobs or returning to the place of employment where they spent their high school years. This is certainly the responsible thing to do, as paying for tuition or preparing to repay student loans is a matter of “when” and not “if” they come due. The thing is, unemployment isn’t fun and a college education is supposed to give you the leg up to overcome such stumbling blocks.
So, why not use those skills you’ve learned as part of your comprehensive higher education as a way to complete freelance work during that stretch of summer before classes resume? Think of it as an internship that pays better.

The world of freelance work can easily be found with QuiGig as your guide. This new freelance service platform that’s launching in the near future will allow users to locate local or remote work that will prove to be a steady stream of extra income. From the perspective of those who have gigs to advertise, QuiGig will put you in touch with people whose skills perfectly align with your needs. Below, you’ll see why freelance work is the perfect way for college students to spend their summer between semesters.

Proven Track Record: For the aspiring college student, freelance work presents the ultimate opportunity to complete important jobs for clients. This will show potential employers upon graduation that you committed serious time and effort into becoming immersed in your field. Of course, getting paid for your hard work is always a perk, too, and that’s not something an internship always offers.

Calling All Applicants: The realm of freelancing is nearly limitless. According to, “Developing mobile apps, creating websites, blogging, video editing, graphic design, and pretty much any other type of online work can be found” on websites that post freelance gig opportunities. We’ll also reckon that in addition to the above technical skills, some readers out there can write or edit, shoot photos or video, conduct cleaning services or other repair work at a client’s home or business. Yes, with those skills you can also become a productive member of the gig economy.

The Means to an End: Freelance work does not spread word-of-mouth; those who knock these tasks out are finding them online. The new QuiGig app will allow users to select from relevant jobs and let those looking to market such opportunities find the best worker for the job. Best of all, QuiGig is an end-to-end solution so all communications and payments are done within the app. You’ll also be able to build up a profile that shows your past work as a freelancing professional.