Top 6 Summer Jobs for Students June 13, 2018

Top 6 Summer Jobs for Students

Even if your counselors told you it was, it is not too late to get an awesome summer job, and in certain places, there are a lot still to come by. There are any number of small, short term jobs that a college or high school student could handle that aren’t mowing lawns or babysitting. If you are looking to bolster your resume, just make some money, or get on the next working wave, check out these job suited for people like you.


Blog Writer

In today’s content-heavy climate, every single company has a blog. Right now, there are far more writing opportunities than there even are English majors. This leaves a big gap for adequate writers to talk about a topic that they are passionate about. That is where a high school or college student can excel. Companies usually hire for these projects very quickly, and usually plan to only use your services for one or two articles. All that you need is a writing sample or two (you can honestly use something that you did in school), and a very basic pitch idea. Bonus points if the topic is something you really care about. There are always a ton of entry level writing gigs about foodmusic, and even video games.


Social Media Helper

There are SO many small businesses that need help running, or even creating very basic social media profiles for their company. Although this is changing quickly, many small business owners are members of Gen X and are rather social media illiterate. It’s not great money, but those small businesses will often hire younger people who understand the world of social a little better to either spruce up or build their social media brand pages. Bonus: This can often turn into a full-time or part time position with the company as a Social Media Manager. Search for Social Media Managers on!



Believe it or not, this is the most popular remote freelancing job of 2017. Although most companies have a dedicated team that does data analysis work, especially for marketing, but they need some people to do the type of simple but timetaking research that they don’t have the time to do. This gig is best suited for a college student with some history of doing research, but companies will hire anyone in a pinch. Show that you are responsible and smart, and you may land yourself a job where you get to stay out of the heat! Or the cold, if you are in Australia.


Tour Guide

The internet exists, who even still uses tour guides? Turns out, it’s making a resurgence. If you live in a touristy place, and can put together a decent itinerary and group of people, you can take in a good amount of money. To start this, you might need to find another organization in your city that has already had some success guiding tours. You would be a especially attractive candidate if you have some fluency in another language, as many people who use tour guides when visiting the United States are from overseas.


Pet Care

We all know those people who spend wayyyy too much money on their pets. This summer, you can take advantage of that to make some serious cash. It just so happens that summer is the time of year when the most people go out of town. You can easily work as a pet sitter (or even a house sitter) for weeks at a time. If you are willing in the summer heat, you can walk people’s dogs as well. There are designated apps for this type of freelancing service, but with seemingly endless opportunities to walk and feed animals, no matter what platform you are using, if you look hard enough, you will find work.


House Painting

Also in this category are things like lawn mowing, power washing, ditch digging, and anything else tailor made for a able bodied young person. There are any number of gigs you can complete using your physicality, and because these jobs simply cannot be completed by a ton of people, all you have to do is get out there? Who knows, maybe your parents know some people you can get started with. Anything to get you out of the house.