How to Refer a Friend to QuiGig (and get rewarded for it!) November 29, 2018

How to Refer a Friend to QuiGig (and get rewarded for it!)

So, you have already joinedQuiGig and love the platform. If you want to earn extraQuigs, or just get rewarded for telling others about us, you can refer people to our platform. For each person that you refer to QuiGig, you will receive 50 Quigs. There are a few very simple steps you must take in order to refer someone to QuiGig.


Number of Steps: 5

Estimated Time: 7 Minutes



Step One: Go to


Step Two: Hover over the top right profile icon


Once you hover over the icon, a dropdown menu will appear. You can use this to quickly check your notifications, place bids, and more, but for this, we are going to be suing a different purpose.

Step Three: Click “Refer & Earn”



This particular dropdown cell is fourth from the top. It will take you to the referral page. You can visit it right here if you want to go immediately.


Step Four: Copy the Invite Link


The link is towards the bottom of the Refer & Earn page. You can see below exactly where it is, and copy it using the “Copy Link” button. The code at the end of the URL is unique to you, so we will know exactly who referred the new user and into exactly which Quig wallet to reward.


Step Five: Send the Link to your Friends!


This part is easy – just send that link over to the people you want to refer and that’s that! As soon as they sign up using the link that you provided them, you will see your Quig wallet value rise by a cool 50.


Quick Note: You can also directly share your referral link on social media, meaning anyone who clicks on the link is directly following your advice to join QuiGig!

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