The QuiGig Freelance Profile March 16, 2018

The QuiGig Freelance Profile

One of the QuiGig’s best features is our dynamic freelancer profile. It provides multiple customizable sections, including image and profile sample uploads. In a situation where there is typically a substantial disconnect (due to the remote nature of freelancing in general), QuiGig’s profile features allows a potential customer to catch a glimpse of your personality. By creating a robust profile, you are attracting and inviting people to come check you out, find out who you are, and discover how you can help them!

Our profile has all of the benefits of a standard freelancer profile template such as the showcase of your resume and prior work experiences, but we have additional benefits as well. To visit and complete your QuiGig profile, travel to the top right box with your profile picture (if you are logged in) and click “Profile”. From here, you will be able to begin editing! We strongly recommend you keep this blog open while you update and edit your profile, as you can find information about QuiGig and tips throughout this informative article

1: The Basics

Upon logging in, you will see your basic profile information. Be sure to look at your coin, or Quig balance. This is one of the most important aspects of our profile, especially given the prevalence of Quig use on the site. You will need to use Quigs to complete certain actions on QuiGig and if you truly want to make money, and help a large number of people though QuiGig, you will need proper Quig management. Upon signing up, we give you 500 Quigs, and refill those 500 Quigs each month free of charge. You can find your Quig balance in the top right of your profile, but also at the top right of the main navigation bar, ensuring that you will always have the balance readily available for you to review, and for you to add more as needed.

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You can also easily see personal information about your activity on QuiGig, like the number of gigs that you have completed (it’s okay if that number is zero!) and the amount of gigs you have orderedThis is also where you will be able to view notifications such as user contacts. The extent to which you use the site can be a determining factor in reliability for someone hiring you to complete a gig, and comfort for those working through QuiGig. As you complete more gigs through the platform, you not only build up authority, you gain a working knowledge of how QuiGig functions, giving you a leg up on the competition! The last thing you can see here is your QuiGig ranking. Our ranking structure set up is simple and revolving around the question: “Would you work with them again?” and the short answer of “Yes” or “No.” This rating will also be seen by someone considering working with you, so it is of the utmost importance to keep your rating high and make sure to rate the people you worked with properly and promptly.

Filling out the Service section of your profile is crucial if you would like to make money on QuiGig. Without toggling on the “Available for Hire” button, you will not receive emails and you will not get gigs. Before doing that though, you need to decide which services you provide. We have a list of over 900 services now active on QuiGig, and you can choose as many as you are capable of offering. NOTE: You are able to both work for hire and hire for work on QuiGig using the same profile, so be sure to check your status availability

2: Work Experience

The prior “Work Experience” section of your profile is the most in depth way to show off your personal and professional skills to a potential employer. You can submit up to 5 past jobs, but we suggest to limit that to the three most relevant jobs that show off the skills that you are currently willing and able to provide. As opposed to traditional employers, QuiGig users are less concerned with gaps in employment or non-traditional methods of skill acquisition. Our users want fair and honest people who can get the job done over those who have pristine work experience but lack viable skill sets. In this section, you not only have the ability to include basic information about jobs you’ve had such as your title, company name and dates employed, but you can also add written details about each job, outlining what you did there, what you learned, and what you can now provide to others based on your experience.

 If you run a small business, or own a large one, you can indicate that in the Business section. Many freelancers have been running small businesses for years, but may not have been advertising what they do online. Now is your chance as a freelancer to talk about what you have built and how you have helped others. As someone hiring freelancers, you have an opportunity to get to know your potential client on a more personal level.

3: Your Portfolio

The Portfolio section is arguably the most important section to fill out on your profile. We have left our portfolio section rather unstructured and open-ended, allowing our providers with a wide range of services, skills or experience to dictate how it should be shared and displayed. A user can upload pictures, videos, and any other form of media to their QuiGig portfolio. Many QuiGig users upload photos of previous work that shows off their professional prowess and if they don’t have a job that lends well to photos (think: teacher), they can upload flattering photos of them winning awards, or in their uniform. The most experienced and savvy QuiGig users will post a PDF version of their resume, allowing the potential client access to more information without violating QuiGig Privacy Policy. Although we do allow almost complete freedom in how you want to set up your profile, there are some limitations. For photos, you can only upload them in .PNG or .JPG file types.

Not every industry will have specific certifications that you need to have in order to work, but if you do in fact work in such an industry, this section is a must-complete. Many of the more technical professions require certifications to even work in the field, such as computer programmer and commercial pilot, meaning before you even think about inserting these jobs as ones that you can perform on QuiGig, you must first do your homework and complete those certifications! You can list the name of the certification(s) (use the full name – no acronyms!) and the institution from which you received it, the month and the year you completed it, the duration of the certification (some certifications last only six months, and others last for a lifetime), and a detailed description about what the certification entails. Take the time to fill in the open-ended description so your potential employers have a clear idea of what you learned and what you are now capable of providing them.

4: Education

We include the “Education” section to help win you jobs where your level and avenue of schooling are a substantial differentiator. In industries like law, tech, teaching, and others, your education could solely dictate whether or not you get the gig. Be sure to include the basics about your education, like where you attended university, when you graduated, and what your degree was called, but more importantly than those elements, thoroughly fill out the open-ended “Description” option, even if it says that it’s optional. Your curriculum, and even your degree title can fluctuate so much from school to school, oftentimes making the mandatory information of QuiGig not enough for someone to accurately understand what you can provide. You do not need to include a detailed or lengthy C.V. In the “Prior Jobs” section, focus on what you learned that is pertinent to the gigs that you want to complete, and maybe a brief summary about your latest degree in general.

5: Social Media

The last but not least profile feature available on QuiGig is the Social section. This is where you can provide links to your personal or professional social media accounts for potential clients and and workers can see who you are outside of QuiGig. As a general rule, freelancers will be asked to do certain things that a traditional employee just won’t – whether that is to meet at someone’s house for a brief meeting, sending over samples of work, or working after normal or traditional business hours. Potential employers need to feel confident that the person behind the freelancer profile can handle such requests. A dip into your personal life can give them that confidence.

On QuiGig, we allow people to submit links to virtually all of the different social media channels that people use on a regular basis, and each one holds its own individual value. Facebook is the most used social media site for people over the age of 35, which just so happens to be the average age range of most freelance customers. With that information in mind, add your Facebook and touch it up to make it palatable to someone who will potentially hire you for your services. Instagram is often the best platform to demonstrate your work especially if you are an artist, a crafter, performer, etc. Your social sites could not only demonstrate your professional prowess, but also showcase the personal connection and pride of your work; something that is invaluable to a potential customer.

You can share your Twitter profile. We recommend taking advantage of sharing your Twitter profile if you are active and engaged Tweeter. QuiGig also provides an option to share your LinkedIn profile. If you want consistent gigs, you’ll definitely want to share your LinkedIn profile! If you were not aware, LinkedIn is the premier social media channel for the professional world, featuring industry-specific content streams, professional connection tools, and development courses. Many high-level employers are already solely using LinkedIn to hire employees, so it makes sense that even potential freelance employers will first look up service providers on LinkedIn before making the decision to work with them. Also, if you have created a LinkedIn Profile, or have your resume stored on a digital document, you can also copy and paste all of your relevant information to your QuiGig profile which will dramatically reduce this process. It is essential to have both available to prospective clients and customers.

And there you have it! Your QuiGig profile is complete and fully stocked. Completely filling out your profile has been shown to win you more jobs, so be ready when those requests come flying in!