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Challenges Facing Startup ICOs in the U.S.

This blog was written by CEO Dr. Emad Mousavi and originally published for LinkedIn. You can follow him by following this link, or visiting https://www.linkedin.com/in/miremadmousavi/ . The cryptocurrency space has seen astronomical growth in the last few years, starting with the Bitcoin craze and culminating in the current market comprising hundreds of individual coin offerings worldwide.

The Pros and (few) Cons of Globalization

“Globalization” is one of those words – along with “blockchain” or “automation” – that is thrown around quite a lot in today’s working world. There is good reason for it, but many talk about the perils, or the benefits of it without actually knowing what it means or what the phenomenon of globalization has already brought to the […]

Descrimination in the Freelance World

This article was written by CEO Emad Mousavi and orginally posted on his LinkedIn. For insights on the gig economy and QuiGig’s progress, click this link to visit his profile.    Workplace discrimination is, unfortunately, still a commonplace problem; no industry or specialty or geographic area is immune. Sometimes it’s based on gender or sexual preference. […]

A Gig Economy Data Breakdown

This blog was written by QuiGig CEO Dr. Emad Mousavi. It was reposted from his personal LinkedIn page. If you want to keep up with him, you can follow him on LinkedIn by clicking the link here. While the “gig economy” has become a sort of umbrella term for more flexible work structures, like freelancing, than the traditional 9-to-5 jobs, […]

First Blog of 2019: Making Better Resolutions

2019 is finally here, and QuiGig lives to see another year! We hit many big milestones this year, including turning one year old, launching our mobile apps, and seeing our first paid users on our platform, but we are more excited about the overall movement of people away from traditional employment to gig based work continue. Starting out as […]