How to Build your Network as a Freelancer and Why It’s Important November 26, 2018

How to Build your Network as a Freelancer and Why It’s Important

Leads are the lifeblood of a sustainable freelancing career, and without them, you could quickly be pushed back to your old 9-5. Of the many freelancers that we speak with here at QuiGig, one of the biggest concerns we hear is the difficulty of finding quality new customers to augment their current regulars, and they are […]

The Importance of Data July 13, 2018

The Importance of Data

Given the mostly negative press that data aggregation techniques have received over the last five or so years, it is easy to write it off the practice as a whole. Many people have tried, whether it has been through deactivating their Facebook accounts, using Tor, or giving up those addictive internet quizzes, but there is no escaping the pervasion […]

Is Getting Paid for Your Freelance Gig in Bitcoin a Good Idea?

This post was written by CEO Emad Mousavi and re-posted from his personal LinkedIn. You can follow him right here. As a freelancer, your middle name is flexibility. You have to adjust your practices and workflows to accommodate your clients, otherwise there will always be someone else who can work the way your potential employers want […]

Challenges Facing Startup ICOs in the U.S. August 2, 2018

Challenges Facing Startup ICOs in the U.S.

This blog was written by CEO Dr. Emad Mousavi and originally published for LinkedIn. You can follow him by following this link, or visiting . The cryptocurrency space has seen astronomical growth in the last few years, starting with the Bitcoin craze and culminating in the current market comprising hundreds of individual coin offerings worldwide.

The Evolution of Technology and How it Has Shaped Our World

This article was written by Dr. Emad Mousavi, the Founder and CEO of QuiGig. If you want to see others that he has posted, visit his LinkedIn. The first personal computers were released in the early 80s and, over the next ten to fifteen years, became a ubiquitous fixture in modern homes. Many of the more […]

The Pros and (few) Cons of Globalization August 24, 2018

The Pros and (few) Cons of Globalization

“Globalization” is one of those words – along with “blockchain” or “automation” – that is thrown around quite a lot in today’s working world. There is good reason for it, but many talk about the perils, or the benefits of it without actually knowing what it means or what the phenomenon of globalization has already brought to the […]