How to Build a Million Dollar Business?

How many of us love to learn how to make ONE MILLION DOLLARS in the next 24 hours for free and with minimal effort? I bet many! And I bet every one of us will be more than willing to spend all night reading an article that explains how that can happen. Well, you don’t have to spend all night to read such article because the answer is short and I am just writing it here for you: go buy a lottery ticket and maybe (read it like as if it almost certainly won’t happen) you will have that money! Otherwise, there is no way that one can predictably make $1 million for free overnight, not at least in a way that one would explain in a public article! And even, to buy a lottery ticket, it still will not be FREE and it takes more time between when you buy the ticket and when you get your very unlikely ROI. However, I would like to mention here, as much as I believe there is no free and super easy way to predictably make a million-dollar, there is now a new way that you can build a million-dollar business within a decent period of time (like one to two years) without a significant amount of investment. I say I believe because, as a data scientist, I look at data and realize this has happened over and over in the last few years, that more and more people are using scalable online businesses (or at least marketed online) to build million dollar businesses. I especially like to mention data indicates that this has happened more frequently in recent years than in the past, of course, because the internet has become more and more popular. So the possibility of building a million dollar business within a couple of years with limited investment is reasonable based on data. Now, you may want to ask how that is done. Well, it takes a good hour of presentation, and I will discuss that in my upcoming presentation at the One-Person Business Owners’ Meetup Event at Station Houston next week. So if you are based in Houston, TX, USA, you should plan to attend in person, and if you can’t make it in person, you can join us online, we will share the link to the online live event on the day of the event on May 8th, 2019! I expect you will find the presentation an interesting approach to business planning and marketing as it will be all about data and how you can utilize quantitative and technical digital marketing to predictably build your million dollar business! I hope to see you there.

By Dr. Emad Mousavi, Founder and CEO, QuiGig, Inc.

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